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Life & Disability


Life Insurance

There is nothing more important than your familyıs security. Life Insurance is intended to minimize the financial impact of the passing of a loved one or a business partner. For a family, life insurance will never replace the emotional loss of a family member, but it can be instrumental in allowing your loved ones to continue in the lifestyle they currently enjoy. It can also provide the funds for such essentials as childcare, education and housing.

In a business setting, life insurance can protect the business interest when a key person in the business dies or it can provide the funding to purchase the interest of a business partner.

There are various types of insurance to consider and we have the experience and expertise to develop a plan that meets your needs and budget.

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Disability Income Protection

Protecting your paycheck is perhaps the most overlooked type of insurance. A typical person spends thousands of dollars making sure their doctor gets paid or their car gets fixed. But they give little thought to coverage that will replace at least a portion of their income, in the event they are disabled due to illness or injury. A disability insurance policy is a contract to pay when certain conditions exist. There are various types of disability protection; some are individual and some are available through a business. Short-term disability provides weekly benefits, long-term disability pays monthly benefits. The differences in contract are substantial. We can assist you in evaluating the various options available to you or your business.

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